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Prof. Wang Hui-Jun

Institute of Atmospheric physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP/CAS)





9/1982/-7/1986/       Bachelor, Peking University

9/1986/-9/1991/       PhD, IAP/CAS


Research Experience:


9/1991/ -12/1994/     Assistant Prof. at IAP/CAS

12/1994/-12/1996/     Associate Prof. at IAP/CAS

12/1996/-present      Professor at IAP/CAS


 He was the first in China to couple an Atmospheric General Circulation Model with a mixed layer ocean model and a thermal sea ice model, and simulated the climate changes induced by the CO2 doubling. His result was cited by the IPCC Supplementary Report (1992). He found the interdecadal scale weakening of the East Asian summer monsoon in late 1970s, which has been followed by a large number of studies. He indicated the important role of vegetation feedback to the East Asian monsoon climate in the mid-Holocene via the climate model simulation. He and his team revealed the linkage of the Antarctic Oscillation to the central North China summer precipitation and the tropical cyclone activity over the western North Pacific. He has many contributions toward improving the seasonal climate prediction in China and most of his work are original and have importance to the operational climate prediction.


Honors and Awards:

1。 Zhao Jiu-Zhang Award for young geo-scientists (1994);

2. Outstanding Young Scientists Awards of Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997, Second grade);

3. Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Natural Science Awards (1998, First Grade, the 5th contributor).

4. Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Outstanding Youth Awards (2001).

5. The National Science Awards (2005, Second Grads, the 2nd contributor)

6. National Award for Excellent Scientists and Technicians by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (2010)

7. THE HO LEUNG HO LEE FOUNDATION Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress

8。 Member of the Norwegian Scientific Academy of Polar Research (Since June 2008)

9. Member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Science (2013.04-)

10. Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2013.12-)


l Published over 240 papers, with 140 SCI-Extended papers

l Director of the Nansen-Zhu International Research Center (NZC), which was established in cooperation with Ola M. Johannessen in November 2003 Beijing. The NZC has six partners from Norway and China.

l Director-general of Institute of Atmospheric Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences. (2005.08-2014.05)

l Chief Editor of Advance in Atmospheric Science (SCI-extended journal). (2001.08-2014.05)

l Vice president of Chinese Meteorological Society (Oct 2010-Nov 1014)

l Vice chairman of the China Scientific Expedition Society (Since 2001)

l Chairman of the China National Committee for WCRP (Since 2013)

l Chief Editor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters. (Since 2008)

l President of Chinese Meteorological Society (since Nov 1014)

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